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The Hong Kong Radiation Protection Society (Society) was founded on March 1, 1996 by a group of professional peoples who were dedicated to promote radiation protection in the region.

Missions and Visions

To promote and advance the science and art of protecting man and his environment from the effects of radiation consistent with the optimum use of radiation for the benefit of mankind, including but not limiting to the following;
  • to promote, advance and disseminate, to the public's advantage, knowledge of radiation protection;
  • to further the exchange of scientific and technical information, locally and internationally, relating to the science and practice of radiation protection;
  • to encourage, support, promote and advance education, learning, research and publications dedicated to the science and practice of radiation protection;
  • to promote and encourage, to the public's advantage, high scientific, educational, regulatory and professional standards in radiation protection;
  • to provide professional advice and service to the community on matters relating to radiation protection.

Structure of the Society

The supreme authority of the Society is vested in the General Meeting and the executive organ is the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is formed by six Executive Committee Members, comprising a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer and two Committee Members.

Executive Committee Members (2022 - 2024)
Chairperson : Dr. Forest LIN, Bq Lab Limited. HKSAR
Vice-Chairperson : Dr. Wallace CHAN, Hong Kong Observatory. HKSAR
Honorary Secretary : Mr. Raymond TSANG, The University of Hong Kong. HKSAR
Honorary Treasurer : Ms. Amy LEUNG, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong
Honorary Auditor : Mr. K W LAM, K.W. Lam & Co.
Honorary Advisor : Mr. Sung Tat YIP, Retiree
Committee Member : Mr. Kin Keung KWAN, Tuen Mun Hospital. HKSAR
Committee Member : Dr. Anson Ho Yin CHEUNG, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital
Committee Member : Dr. James LAM, Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Company
Committee Member : Dr. Joel Yiu Chung CHEUNG, Princess Margaret Hospital. HKSAR

Membership of the Society consists of Honorary Fellows, Fellows, Full Members, Associate Members and Student Members.

Honorary Fellows are chosen, upon the invitation of the Executive Committee, from persons of high distinction in public life or in their chosen professions or vocations, or from persons who have rendered distinguished service to the Society or to associations or organizations with which the Society is or has been, connected. Fellows are chosen upon their application to the Society from persons who have rendered distinguished service to radiation protection or allied fields.

Memberships of other categories will be chosen upon their application according to their qualifications. Details can be found in here.

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